Gutenberg’s Apprentice by Alix Christie – Spanish Edition Book Review

In her historical novel, Alix Christie transports us to 15th century Germany. It is a place divided by class and religious strife. To make matters worse, the Ottoman threat looms in the horizon.

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The Praise of Design (Episode 17 Translation and Transcription)

Week after week, I yearn for the beautiful moment when, after barely enduring the insufferable burden of my own existence, the joyous hour finally arrives, in which I can rid myself of masks and appearances. Then I adopt the role that destiny had reserved for me: being your faithful storyteller. The respite that The Snack brings to my famished soul is but a fleeting moment, an ephemeral joy that wanes the very moment I publish the weekly episode, and I’m forced to await until the following week when I’ll once again be able to abscond myself from loneliness and project my best wishes to the chosen listeners of this godly, cyberphonic production.

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